Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wearin' O' the Green (Copycat Challenge #12/#13)

Little Miss Ellie has some droplets of Irish blood in her, thanks to the other side of the family! (Does it count more if Jed lived in Ireland a short time after he graduated from college?) Luckily, this Copycat Challenge/Blogging project based on the book by Vicki Haninger has some wearables included in the patterns! And luckily the blanket I'm using just happens to be green! The two patterns chosen ---the hat on pgs. 70-73 and the Elf Slippers on pg. 98 (again a freebie pattern available online at http://www.jennybharris.com/nnybharris.com/ ---were my inspiration.
What a jolly good time we had dressing Miss E in her St. Paddy's Day outfits. Her little Bumbo seat even got a covering of green. (How did we ever raise our kids in the old days without a Bumbo - they are amazing little contoured seats which allow even a little peanut to sit upright on a table or countertop supervised, of course, allowing the baby to be a part of food preparation activity or dinner conversation.)
Here's the model in her hat and elf, er, leprechaun shoes:
The shoes are pretty big on her tiny little feet...all the better for stuffing those gold coins in from the pot at the end of the rainbow I guess!
Ellie also modeled a green shirt with cute little shamrock-shaped pockets on the front side for her close-up head shot:
I learned something new with this project and that was how to use felt roving and a needle punch to insert the little green flower design right into the fibers of the green blanket.
She was such a dear to let us fuss over her and pose her here and there.
In fact, she seemed to rather like it. She is smiling these days and here's proof to Wes (again) that I beat him in this friendly little ongoing contest we have between the two of us.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all!


____ said...

Just love the last two pictures! What a happy grandma and granddaughter!!!!!

simplicity said...

Look at that smiling girl! precious!