Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Fun to be Pippi!

Who doesn't like Pippi Longstocking? Even in first grade Anne liked her (but referred to her as Pimpi which cracked us up!) So, this Halloween, I decided to be Pippi! Even if I didn't have long enough hair, and the color was wrong, who cares? It'd work out. Besides, two-toned coifs seem to be quite popular these days! Before I left for work, my favorite next door neighbor friends came to visit...I love those girls! Then, it was off to work at the library. My co-workers and I all planned on wearing costumes, knowing that few kids would visit the Children's Department on Halloween. Hulk, Tinkerbell, The Wiz and Pippi were visited by only one dalmation child all night. Just a few adults came in, but they seemed to appreciate seeing us in in our costumes. Their smiles were worth it!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Guy and His Car

We actually met Jed a long time after we were introduced to his car - a 1974 purple VW Bug. There were those who wished to "fix up" Anne and Jed years before they even dated! So, when we were unloading Anne's belongings into Anderson Hall her freshman year, we saw Jed's car parked under that dorm in the circular lot. He was abroad for the semester in Sweden. I admit I liked his car! We had a chartreuse VW Bug as I was growing up in Colorado, and we squeezed my family of 6 into that small vehicle. My brother and I sat in the "way back" storage area! Someday, I hoped that car would be mine to drive, but that's another story. So, finally Anne and Jed began dating. It was so much fun to see that purple Bug parked in front of our home when he visited her that first summer. Of course, I had to take a picture of the two of them posed by the car! There were also Bug sightings as Wes commuted to work at North Park via Foster Avenue and our suppertime ritual included asking if there had been a Jed/Bug sighting that day. That car was becoming a part of our lives, too. And now that day has arrived when Jed and his Bug needed to part ways. The car required fixing, upkeep was expensive and the cost of storing the Bug was a factor. Jed donated this purple car to charity. This reminds me of the sadness my spouse encountered when he parted with his first car - a 1969 bashed-up English Ford Cortina. My beloved, when we started dating, told me about his departed car as if it was his best friend! Then, the sadness of car passage happened in front of my eyes as he said good-bye to car #2 - a 1967 red Corvair. Even though the vehicle had no heating and required manual windshield wiping/swiping, he loved that car, too. We drove it to Michagan to meet my parents and I was clad in a down sleeping bag; he was wearing his ski parka and pants! It was FREEZING in that car! (The car was handed down to his younger brother, who, not long after ownership found himself holding the gear shift in his hands in city traffic!) So, if you see Jed around, offer him a beer and a good memory of his VW. Treat him kindly!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkin Pickin'

Not long ago, we took a trip to Michigan and drove through Wisconsin on the way. It has been years since we took the kids - our fall outings as they were growing up were more focused on apple picking because of the thrill of heights for our young climbers. However, when we drove by this patch in Wisconsin, I requested we stop!! As we drove the road leading to the farm, we noticed no one around. Instead, these Wisconsinites (Wisconsinonians?? Wisconsinairrres???) left the sign for us to pay using the honor system. It would have been fun to pose my beloved amongst the pumpkins piled according to price, but my 50+ spouse wouldn't have that...young parents out there, take note! Get the pictures while you can!!!!!! And, by the way, the white warty pumpkins are my favorites.