Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Birds (Copycat Challenge #22)

(Yes, yes, I know...these are not baby birds, but they are awfully cute! Perhaps one day Ellie and Carson "Hawk" will be lovebirds themselves! This picture was taken at LCC this past Sunday.)
It has been quite a while since a Copycat Challenge has been posted here on this blog! I am still stitching away on projects from the Blanket Statement book by Vicki Haninger; still determined to make about 40 projects in a year's time which will end in Novemeber of 2010. This time, I tweaked the Hearts and Flowers Sachets pattern found on pages 56 and 57 to use only the bird part without the heart part...I love this sweet bird with the embroidery details. Besides, it was soon STORYTIME season at the library, and I found a way to use the embroidered birds in a flannelboard activity!
Not only did I use the green blanket to make the bird, but also used 9 different colors of felt to make a total of 10 birds. I also made a large felt tree for the birds to hang out in once the flannelboard story was underway. The story/rhyme goes as follows:
One Little Bird
One little bird alone in a tree, (Place a bird in the flannelboard tree)
He was all alone and he didn't want to be!
So he flew away across the sea,
He brought back a friend to live in the tree. (Place another bird in the tree.)
Two little birds, alone in a tree They were all alone and they didn't want to be!
So they flew away across the sea,
They brought back a friend to live in the tree. (Continue to add birds in the tree until al 10 live there, happy as can be!)
Here we have an "action" shot of the story presented live, thanks to co-worker Patricia who took the picture! (The birds were all stitched in China, by the way.)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You, Color Kittens! And Golden Books.

Is there a book from your childhood that triggers memories of the child you were waaay back when? A book that you read and reread, a book where the illustrations spoke to your very soul?
I had such an experience this week when I went with my friend, Marti, to a special exhibit at the Lake County Discovery Museum for the viewing of original artwork from Golden Books. Seeing the Color Kittens in action - and in the original artwork - made me realize those kittens had a lot to do with my pursuit of drawing, painting and loving colors! These two kittens always mixed colors together in their adventures, and I do remember thinking it was magic that yellow +blue = green or red+blue = purple.
It was also a thrill to see the artwork of Eloise Wilkin, Garth Williams, Mary Blair, Martin Provenson, Gustaf Tenggren and many others whose artwork you would recognize.
I simply adored this book called I Can Fly.
And the wonderful "vintage-ness" of this busy street scene brought back simpler times of transportation modes.
Stroll down Memory Lane with the display of Golden Books at the exhibit. You might be surprised with how many you remember from your past. Consider visiting these 60 original pieces soon, though. The exhibit closes on August 22, 2010.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hats Off (and On) to the Bride-to-Be

Katie A. is to be married soon, and as her *FGM it was my honor to throw her a bridal shower with a Tea Party theme. You know...the kind where the ladies wear the fancy hats, eat finger sandwiches, and participate in a vintage bridal wear fashion show? (See, family, it did pay off to shop at St. Vinny's thrift store and buy all those silly hats and clothes for the past 20 years or so --- you thought I was kidding when I said I'd use the "goods" again!) The guests were mainly under the age of 25, so they were game to wear the hats and strut the outfits. Diann, my ever wonderful sis, wore a hat as she was busy in the kitchen restocking the food tiers, washing dishes and mingling with the guests. Here is Katie, the radiant Bride-to-Be. The straw hat with peach flowers coordinated perfectly with her outfit.
These four girls have grown up with the bride: Elsa, Beth, Kari and Anne. Don't they look adorable in their hats as well?
Marti, the MOB (Mother of the Bride) was splendidly adorned with a brown pillbox hat with fur flowers. The MOG (Mother of the Groom) Beth was striking in her black and white brimmed hat with the groovy flowers. You can see the MOG hat atop the lampshade. Our City Nest bedroom served as Millinery Central.
Previous to the shower, eight bridal outfits (some for the MOB, MOG, bridesmaids, atendees and of course, the bride) were prepared. Each outfit had a coordinating bouquet, bought on the cheap from Le Dollar Tree.
The bride's dress was strapless with layers of pouff and fluff ala 50s style.
The models really worked their struts and fashions on our City Nest runway.
Following the fashion show: gift opening time.
Though the guests could have abandoned their tea party hats, they chose not to. I loved seeing everyone having a good time. I so enjoyed seeing Katie surrounded by friends who love her and celebrating her happiness with HAT-itude!
All the Best to you, K and P ---- You truly are "Suited to a "T!"
*Fairy God Mother

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snapshots (P*S*C* #25)

These are some of my favorite memories of our trip to Guangzhou and Hong Kong...I am winding down on writing about the journey and didn't want to prepare an online slide show. Yet, I still couldn't ignore these gems. From here on out, think of this as a wordless picture book. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping for Ellie (P*S*C* #25)

Surprisingly, there was not much shopping done on our recent trip to China. Sure, we bought some things for our kids and friends - but not much time was spent in the pursuit of retail goods.
We had heard about a shopping area by the White Swan Hotel and The Victoria Hotel
because of our friends Mary and Chip who had been in this vicinity during their adoption process. (Chinese baby adoptions all must go through the city of Guangzhou.)
Our wonderful student guides, Jack and Susan, escorted us to Shamion Island in Guangzhou for a morning of fun! We did some sight-seeing, a lot of walking, then we capped it off with a little shopping. They wanted to borrow my camera to take pictures of themselves and these are but a couple of the best shots - I love them!
The store catered to outfits for children as well as items related to China --- tea sets, jewelry, silks, scarves, and even the hat with the black braid going down the back. My thoughts were that this may have been a bit non PC, but Susan and Jack loved these hats!
Our salesgirl saw me looking at little Mandarin dresses, and asked all about the baby who would wear the dress. She suggested a pink dress to suit Ellie's complexion, and when I found this one with dragonflies printed on it, a sale was made.
Mary and Chip also recommended we buy "squeaky" shoes for Ellie. The toddlers in China really do wear these and the heels have a squeaker inside so every step is a cute little noise --- maybe cuter for the grandparents than the
parents possibly?
I also selected a two piece printed dress for Ellie to wear when she is older. The skirt has several layers of fabric with tulle netting. If she is a "Princess" type she will adore this dress; if she is a "Rough and Tumble" type she will abhor it. Back home, Anne and Ellie came for a visit. The items were presented to Miss E and a modeling "shoot" followed soon after.
The dress fit Ellie perfectly --- but not for long, I'm afraid. She is nearing her 5 month mark. I'm thinking I should make a doll to wear this dress for her later on. What do you think?