Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Calico Bess Flint

Every fall, when I see the Halloween costumes out in the stores, it reminds me of one of my personal favorite costumes. Wes has worn it, John's friend Alex borrowed it, and I've worn it many times. When on, I feel empowered somehow! I'm colorful, I'm sassy, I'm rich with dubloons attached to my belt, I'm wearing gaudy jewelry and it's okay. I can say words like "Aaargh" and "Surrender Cowardly Scum" and not use the words "Please" and "Thank you." So, when I came upon a website that could have me take a quiz to tell me my true pirate name, that's just what I did. My name? Calico Bess Flint! How cool is that? Especially because I like fabrics and Bessie the cow and the Flintstones!
When I was teaching, we would have an annual pirate day. I would dress like a pirate girl, complete with a black goucho skirt, red and white oversized striped sweater, colorful sash, black boots and striped socks, eye patch, one gold huge gold earring, a necklace made of coins, and, of course a bandana. We would walk the plank (balance beam), go on a treasure hunt, snack on "coins" (yea, chocolate!) and learn how to sing the parrot song. It was a blast! And, of course, there would be books...
Left: a book for those who love glitter and sparkle!
Right: A great pirate book to read to kids who will be so proud that they know how to read and pirates DON'T. It's a great one for promoting going to the library, too! And also that parents can be your allies in times of great danger.
Left: This one has got to be my absolute favorite book about pirates! It anwsers the questions many of us want to know such as: Do pirates take baths? What do pirates eat? (seaweed and barnacle stew -hmm, don't think so!) Why don't pirates get lost? (it helps to have a destination of "x") What do pirates dream about at night? (this answer might surprise mothers everywhere)
Go ahead.... walk the plank, shiver me timbers and pass me some pieces of eight! Find out your own pirate name when you go to this website and answer some questions to determine who you are. Let me know, matey!


Katie said...

Haha did you know that just the other day was National Talk Like a Pirate Day? :) Btw I am totally loving this whole blogging thing!

Though I wish I could figure out how to make a slide show!

The Lindahl News said...

Welcome to the blogging world joys...Patricia and I are lovin' it, too!

To make a slide show, go to my last post and click on that part that says "make your own" and the directions are reasonably easy to follow for one such as savvy as yourself.

And, did you find out your pirate name from the pirate quiz???

The Witty Librarian said...

Argghhh! I be Dirty Ethel Rackham!
I love your blog- its such a treat to read it!

Elin said...

Hi Deb! There's finally a post in my english blog... Boston is great! =) (for more pictures, go to§ion=myimagegalleries&journeyId=221975
The diary is in swedish, but a picture says more than thousand words, right?)

Spirit Bear said...

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You're musical and you have a certain style, if not flair.

Call me Black Jack Cash


cellothug said...

This is brilliant. I'm Captain Anne Vane. Isn't that your daughter, my cousin? Ah well. Apparently I like to be in charge. :) I do, after all, boss for a living.

I am HIGHLY disappointed to find no photos of said costumes. I
am expected to dress up for Halloween you know, and have been considering pirate! Help out here!

andie said...

Captain Anne Flint here, me hearties! Me favorite pirate thingy on the web is the English-Pirate translator.

Peej would approve of your favorite costume, by the way -- I think it was his favorite, too.