Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What to Do Instead of Cleaning the Basement

Sometimes I admit to getting distracted from doing a dreaded chore such as cleaning the basement. All of a sudden, I can think of all sorts of other things to do instead such as: 1. Changing the blog header. 2. Drinking almond milk sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg...it's actually quite delicious!
3. Reading a book. This one was a good murder mystery as told through Flavia, a precocious 11 year old British girl.
4. Making a book bag for our new Great Niece, Linnea. Congrats to Kurt, Denee, Ava and Ingrid! 5. Competing against myself with the Facebook word game, Lexulous. It is like Scrabble.
6. Sewing projects from the book Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang. Above are two "Pixies" (unfortunately one has an issue with cellulite in her legs thanks to lumpy stuffing) and below is "Panda Buns" with her hair buns looking like panda bear faces.
There you have it - my guilty pleasures. And now I really must head down the stairs to clean.


Isela said...

Ok, so I totally get how you can allow yourself to put off cleaning your basement, heaven only knows I am capable of the same. Just one question: how do you have the energy to work on so many other interesting projects and still want to clean that dreaded basement afterwards?

Kudos to you on your craftiness...I love the dolls :) where can I purchase one from you? lol lol

Timi + Andrew said...

That book looks very interesting, Deb!
And I must admit I am very jealous of the little doll with the panda ears.... I would love to have one for Cici!

Also, Happy Sweet Belated Birthday to your precious little Granddaughter whose videos and blog we check out very often! I just want to squeeze her and give her kisses on her cute face! What a darling!

Think of you and your family often, we are just so busy these days! I did update the blog and I will try to write a longer update about our lives here in Nashville, TN.


The Lindahl News said...

Timi, SOOOOO good to hear from you once again!

Yay for your new blog update!