Monday, January 23, 2012

A "Bad" Zippy Project

Back in November, nephew Jackson (age 7) visited us and, knowing that I like to sew, drew me a picture of "Bad" SpongeBob with the request that I make a custom one for him. After he made his drawing, we discussed the color scheme and details. Because it was the holiday season, Jackson had to wait a bit for the fruition of his design to be turned into reality.
Now that "Bad" is done and the recipient has taken ownership, I can publish the pictures of this fun project!
I used felted wool from shrunken sweaters to complete this project. Both machine and hand-sewing were employed.
"Bad" has a removable hat.
The socks were made from actual socks that were cut to size.
And, due to this being my year of zip, I put a zipper down the back of "Bad"
with an inserted pillow that can be removed and the inside can be used as a secret storage place
for Jackson's treasures.
I hope the two pals have a long, happy relationship


Timi + Andrew said...

Love it! Never thought of a `bad Sponge Bob` before!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, I had never heard of "Bad" before either! Can anyone out there tell me if this is just something he
made up or what???

oatley said...

Cute project ... but I'm really writing to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND!!!"