Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have a confession to make: I only experienced my first manicure/pedicure after the age of 50! And it was for a big occasion: the wedding of Anne and Jed last summer. My sister and I were never raised to be girlie girls...our mother only started wearing nail polish once she was in a skilled nursing care facility and having her nails done was an offered activity! When Anne was growing up, I had some nail polish in the cabinet, but she was mostly interested in using it to put on the toenails of her little brother. However, once she got engaged and had a beautiful, sparkling diamond on her finger, the manicures (for her) occured more frequently. So, it was such a treat this year (for Mother's Day) when she gave me the gift of a pedicure. We were able to go together to the salon yesterday and it was wonderful. Here we are back at home with our freshly polished toenails. Can you guess which feet belong to the mother and which to the daughter? What a fun way to spend some time with Anne! Thanks for the Mother's Day treat!


simplicity said...

My guess is that your toes are in the blue slippers and Anne's are in the pink slippers. What a fun day with your daughter.

I've only got a pedicure once, when I got married. I think I'm getting another one at Abbie's wedding at the end of August.

cellothug said...

My guess is the opposite. :) I think I'll get my first manicure and pedicure EVER for a wedding this weekend!

melissa said...

one of my grandmothers started taking me for manicures when i turned sixteen, and i got the bug pretty quickly. since manicures in NYC are dirt-cheap and available every other block, i would go weekly - for $6! i still like to go on a fairly regular basis. those - and my regular lattes - make me feel like a pampered princess. ;)

The Lindahl News said...

FYI...Anne is the one wearing the blue flip flops and I am wearing the pink.

Linnea...have fun getting your first manicure and pedicure! I hope you love the experience. Who is getting married...are you a part of the wedding party? lucky person to start this pampering at the age of 16. I think I want to be a Grandma like yours someday!

Samara...does M like getting her nails polished? I'm assuming she will wait a little longer to go to a salon?