Sunday, July 29, 2007

Encore With Elin

Once again, we headed off to Millennium Park, this time with Elin (a visiting Swede and former roommate of Anne's at SVF) and John. Anne and Jed were unable to be with us as they were attending a wedding. Of course, we had to take Elin on a tour of the park! She enjoyed the squirting faces at the Crown Fountain, and the Bean. The concert we attended at the Jay Pritzker Pavillion was amazing, to say the least. The Gerardo Nunez Quintet, along with Flamenco dancer Carmen Cortez were performers extraordinaire - Melissa, I thought of you! On the way over to the lakefront, we were greeted by a policeman perched on a horse. I thought it would be really really cool to have Elin and John pose by a horse in this blog, but unfortunately the lighting is poor, so you'll just have to take my word for it that there is a horse in the background...and a rather cranky officer in the saddle. Wes found us quite a good location for viewing the Venetian night festivities. Waiting for the Venetian Night parade of boats is quite entertaining, especially when Elin and John got their glow sticks! (here they are acting as St. Lucia!) Fireworks and hordes of people...oh my! Taking the train back to our hometown after a big night in the city...worn out but well worth it!


Elin said...

Haha!! Thanks for a great night! I had lots and lots of fun!

melissa said...

how fun! several of my flamenco buddies were there for that very show - unfortunately we already had plans in place and couldn't go, but i trust it was amazing. if you ever have the chance to see a full flamenco performance you should absolutely take it - it's such a neat dance form.

melissa said...

deb: i've tagged you on my blog! see today's post for more details. you're it! :)