Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends

Honestly, I don't know how I would have gotten through the last week and a half without my friends. Some of you have called, some of you have sent emails, some of you have sent a card. Each gesture of yours was such a comfort to me and I thank you all. Your visits here at home and even receiving two meals that I didn't think I needed (but it turned out otherwise) meant the world to me. One friend called me daily from Maine, another from Michigan. Those calls were so special; thanks Carol and Marny. Thanks to Marti who stopped by with tea and pepparkaker served with tears and hugs. Another friend who had recently lost her husband of over 50+ years stopped by to bring a delicious old-fashioned meal of pork tenderloin, baked potatoes and cooked apple rings, topped off with a homemade chocolate cake. Comfort food to be sure. Anne and I were able to dine together with this special woman as a group of three. Thank you Dolores. Two busy people stopped by with homemade taco soup with all the trimmings, salad and an apple crisp. Thank you Dwight and Kathy. We didn't know we needed that, either, but it turns out we did. Finally, my newest "therapy" friend is named Luke. Though still a growing puppy, he and his owner took me for a walk along the river near our home. Seeing Luke's pure joy and happy energy lifted my spirits immensely, as did the converstation with his "mama" along the leaf-strewn path. Thanks, Jan, for sharing your puppy and yourself last week. Thank you all for being my friends and helping me navigate through a difficult time. You are loved.


cellothug said...

I'm glad you have such wonderful friends to help you through. Keep hangin' in there!

simplicity said...

Reminds me of that poem "Footprints."

You're never alone my dear!

Spirit Bear said...

what a beautiful piece, Deb. You sound at peace.