Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nine Months

Were you thinking that I would perhaps write about the human gestation period/pregnancy? Nope! Today, I am reminded that it has been 9 months since Wes and I joined the local Fitness Center. These are some observations I have had of my experiences there thus far.
A Fitness Center is a wonderful melting pot of cultures, languages, sizes, ages, shapes and colors. I love that! My eyes and ears have a wonderful party as I watch and listen to those working out around me. I also see determination and sweat. Perspiring is inspiring!
Clothing is nice.
Especially when it comes to attire in the locker room. I mean, how difficult is it to exchange pleasantries when a person is wearing their birthday suit? (By the way, I don't wear stuff like the models in the picture!)
Big is not necessarily better when it comes to muscles. Seriously? What do these people do for a life outside the gym? Can they all be professional body builders?
It's downright difficult to get motivated to go the the Fitness Center at times. I can find all sorts of excuses why not to go! But once I'm there and get on the treadmill or whatever, it does feel good. Being rewarded by the hot whirlpool at the end of the workout is bliss!
Age is irrelevant. There's a 94 year old man who takes large lunging steps back and forth across the gym. God bless him and also the old 90 year old woman who boxes with the best of 'em.
Finally, I must learn to be satisfied with what I've got. Let's face it...I haven't lost a pound in nine months of working out. Anne (sweet girl) tells me it must be because I've got muscles now and they weigh more than fat! Hopefully, though, my heart is stronger, I'm moving better and I am prolonging my life by going through this routine twice or three times a week.


simplicity said...

I've never heard someone make working out/the health club sound like such an inspirational place before. :)

melissa said...

let me tell you, i was trying to conjure up reasons to skip my friday-morning workout tomorrow, and now i'm eager as ever! thanks for the motivator - and yes, keep on trucking, for the sake of your heart-health, cholesterol levels, combating diabetes, and increased seratonin!

andie said...

I don't know if your gym has it, but I just started Zumba classes this week. What a blast! I am having such fun starting the day with a mambo.

Spirit Bear said...

Maggie and I were just talking last night about how we need to get onboard with a workout plan now that the weather is turning cooler. Your blog is adding to our guilt/motivation. sigh.

Alli said...

As a long-time Galter pool attendant, I have mixed reactions to your comment about clothing: On one hand, I did eventually get over it, and could actually carry on normal conversation with naked women in the locker room if necessary; but on the other hand, I have never stopped wondering why anyone would feel like they needed to be completely naked while blow-drying their hair! Or, even more baffling, why they would tie the towel around their waist! I mean, come on, if you've got a towel, why not just put it around your chest and save us all a little awkwardness!

Kristin Jag said...

Olga Olsson thinks that you should try and start up some conversations with these young women at the gym and stop listening in on their conversations. Maybe you could refer them to the good 'ol book that you gave me for my wedding shower, "The 1950's Guide to the Rythym Method." They might find it interesting......just a thought! :)