Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gone. But Not Forgotten.

Yes, I am talking about Marshall Field's. It has been some time now since this beloved Chicago retail giant was bought out by Macy's. I still miss Field's and rarely even go inside Macy's, let alone purchase something there. However, when I read in the paper that the tree in the Walnut Room was to be lit this past weekend, and the holiday windows were up and running, I suggested to my sis, Diann, that we go for a visit to the downtown location. Together, we had a wonderful pre-Christmas outing there this week! In the spirit of Thanksgiving thankfulness, I offer my heartfelt gratitute to Macy's for:
1. Keeping the landmark clock.
2. Keeping the magic in the window displays.
3. Still calling it the Walnut Room.

4. Choosing to keep the menu nearly the same as in the "old" days. (Especially when it comes to the Chicken Pot Pie and the Yule Log!)

5. Continuing the sale (and making of) Frango Mints.

Okay, so maybe I am softening towards Macy's as time goes by. Diann and I and now have new memories to add to our collection of adventures because of you. And your big, red star.

I suppose I should also thank the woman who took our picture in front of the store while mananging to smoke her cigarette at the same time. Now, that takes talent!


Jeanne said...

I remeber going to Fields downtown a long long time ago with my sister and my best friend. Thanks for bringing the memories back. i did eat there a couple of years ago with my daughter, and it was nearly the same!!!

simplicity said...

Here in MN we went from Dayton Hudson's, Marshall Fields to Macy's and yes the changes have been sad to see but I agree...they have kept the auditorium display here in MN, the Frango mints and a few other things the same. You really know the season is upon us when Macy's starts getting prepped. Looks like a fun time with your sister and I agree about the picture taker-what talent :)

Alli said...

It is too bad that they sell Frango mints at all of the Macy's now though! It used to be a special Chicago thing. Oh well. What is the theme for the windows this year?

Jed and Anne said...

Long-live Marshall Fields, and many appreciations for keeping the historical landmarks a part of Chicago! I am glad that you two had a nice little outing downtown. :)

The Lindahl News said...

Alli, the windows theme this year is BELIEVE. Lots of fairies, pixies, etc. I think they were sweet. Lots of reds and pinks, too! Still animated characters. If you go early, there are no long lines at the windows. And, it's warmer, too!

Timi + Andrew said...

What a neat idea to go and look at the windows! I am not sure that something like this exist in Denver but maybe in downtown...
I cannot believe we are getting close to Christmas as well... where did this year go?