Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #11 HAVING A GUEST/BEING A GUEST

It's been a revolving door around here lately with special people coming in and out of our doors as well as gracing the doors of other special peoples' homes! (And also the occasion of Pink almost getting stuck in a revolving door at CVS in Chicago...see above picture!) But, it's sure been fun.
First, niece Jennifer came from Mississippi. We saw a great movie and topped it off with a cookie-baking marathon in our kitchen. If in doubt, USE BUTTER!!! Lots of butter - we went through nearly two four-packs of the creamy stuff making pepparkakor, spritz, and Swedish Kringla.
Next guest: niece-by-marriage, Cherith. We celebrated Cherith's birthday a tad early and her "cake" was actually an ice cream scoop served in Grandma's dessert goblets, along with Christmas cookies we baked.
Then, my suitcase is packed and we're on the road to meet up with others at Anne and Jed's place! With three teachers in the mix, there's lot of school talk going on...poor John - the only non-teacher in the bunch. Unless you count Grandkitty Oliver, that is.
Another family gathering after this for dinner at the Chicago Brahaus for a night of German eating and rollicking. The rollicking continues at Ryan's apartment with several rounds of Guitar Hero.

Sleeping over in the city is always a treat, especially when our hosts are Diann and Larry! My Pink has grown very fond of their place, too. It's important to get a night of good rest due to the day to come in downtown Chicago.

We recommend stopping by John's office on Michigan Avenue for a good time in his company! Please see him for all your Scandinavian travel plans!

Though we invited John's office to join us at the Walnut Room and for shopping afterwards, they politely declined.

King Lear was a delight to meet in the courtyard by the Chicago Tribune building.

And I think I only truly embarassed my sister and niece only ONE time when I asked them to pose with my suitcase in the Chicago section of a city CVS store.

There are worse ways to be embarrassed, right?

All this revolving door activity and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! Whew!


Timi + Andrew said...

Lots of fun you guys have had! And now Jemmer is on the way to Denver ;)
What was the movie you have seen? Maybe Twilight since you are big fan of that book series...

The Lindahl News said...

No, it wasn't Twilight...not yet. (Anne saw it and liked it quite a bit.)

We saw The Secret Life of Bees. It was really good, and quite true to the book. You should read it!

Cherith said...

oh yikes! how'd i know that picture would end up on your blog. oh well. you fed and entertained me; looking silly for one and all is the least i can do to repay your kindness. glad the rest of the visit went well.

The Lindahl News said...

For the record, Cherith, I think that picture of you is adorable!

simplicity said...

I like the picture of Cherith too. Very cute! :)

And I LOVE that you took a picture at Walgreens :) Gotta love the pink suitcase chronicles!

Hoping to see you in person this weekend!