Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

Unfortunately, we had another bout of snowfall over the weekend. Unfortunately, I am not one who likes snow and cold so very much. Fortunately, there is vitamin D to be soaked in when the sun shines no matter how low the temps dip...and fortunately, I'm the owner of a toasty warm coat given by Wes for Christmas this past year.
So, out we headed today for a brisk winter walk around a frozen lake nearby.
It was quite lovely, actually, with the pristine white of the snow and the lovely blue in the sky.
The crunch of the snow underfoot, the honking of the geese in an open area of the lake and the companionship of my sweetheart equaled yet another event to savor.
Once we were quite red-cheeked and red-nosed, it was time to head back home for some warming up. The Godiva Hot Cocoa mix from Kari was just the perfect treat for these two winter walkers.
My plan is to remember this day in July when the temps are headed in a far different direction! And keep optimistic that Spring really will come
before too much longer.


Jed and Anne said...

Wow, guys! I can't believe that you braved the cold like that. Good thing you had your new coat and hot chocolate at the end to look forward to. :)

Linnea said...

I'm glad you were able to savor the chilly day! We've had a pretty mild winter, but I've been ready for spring since about October myself!

(Soon, I will update my blog, really...could it be that I'm just not quite ready to leave Mexico?!?)

The Lindahl News said...

Anne and Jed...thanks for that warm hat for Dad - he loves it!

Linnea - can't blame you for not wanting to leave Mexico, but an update would be very, very nice!

simplicity said...

Can I just say that at first glance I thought that top picture was you and JED!!! Is it just me that thought that?

The Lindahl News said...

S - no one as yet has fessed up that they thought it was Jed with me. But I know a lot of people think Jed and John look alike...guess that's why? Wes will be quite flattered that you thought he was a 'Young Buck' like Jed!