Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Unfortunately __________"

Every so often, I succumb to a totally silly Google search. This one involved using quote marks in front of the word "unfortunately" (triggered by my first sentence on the last post) and then a personal name and followed by end quotes. See title of this post as example - you fill in the blank with a name.

This was actually quite humorous to see what other Deb's in the world are doing with unfortunate results. I found myself actually laughing out loud which is good to do at this time of year when we are all sick of the snow, cold and winter in general. Look at this exercise as a mini getaway for one. Here are some of my favorites: 1. Unfortunately, Deb is not keen on heights but she made it all the way round. 2. Unfortunately, Deb found out after the dive that the film wasn't advancing, so no photos were taken. But still we'll remember all these dolphins! 3. Unfortunately, Deb is in a bit of a bother. 4. Unfortunatley, Deb got tangled up and that ended her day. 5. Unfortunately, Deb thought the food tasted like it was leftover from a wedding last year. 6. Unfortunately, Deb was out of the country when it aired. And my absolute topper - 7. Unfortunately, Deb didn't have any of her spares with her silly bugger. Please let me know if you try this and if it made you laugh, too.


Linnea said...

"It was one of those rare autumn days in Vancouver in which the sun was actually shining, but unfortunately Linnea was in a sling and fast asleep."

The Lindahl News said...

Linnea, that is really funny!! Especially because you actully WERE in Vancouver this summer if I remember correctly!

oatley said...

Unfortunately, Sandi was on call and could not attend because she had to work all night.=(

Unfortunately, Sandi and Jack are shallow, generic, and bland. Patrick fares a little better – at least he's cute without being precious

Unfortunately Sandi Thom chose the internet as the vehicle to launch and sustain her career,

Unfortunately, Sandi was one of my victims.

Unfortunately, Sandi left the hospital not only with a new ankle, but also a staph infection from her surgery.

Unfortunately, Sandi wasn't able to join, and her presence was dearly missed!

Unfortunately, Sandi, life itself is "what is" and not made up of "shoulds".

Unfortunately, Sandra arrived home at the wrong time and caught him.

Interesting concept Deb ...

oatley said...

A search using fortunately brought the following results:

Fortunately Sandi is arranging to have more time off at work through leave donations.

Fortunately Sandra already has a house of antiques that fit in perfectly.

Fortunately, Sandra came to the rescue with her special concept of pet care named "Home From Home".

Fortunately, Sandra was able to get a good job, but had to work as both a mother and father.

Fortunately, Sandra slept through the turbulence.

Fortunately Sandra is not possessed by the green-eyed monster and was only joking.

Fortunately, Sandra is back on-track in this engaging piece of escapist fluff.

really ... quite interesting. How do you come up with this stuff?

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi - I wish you were here in person so we could howl together about unfortunate and fortunate Sandi/Sandra!!! I have been laughing out loud with you!!

The Witty Librarian said...

Oh my! I am a very unfortunate individual...

Here's what I got (and I wish I made these up, but their true!):

Unfortunately, Heather and Mean Jean will be back in Congress

Unfortunately, Heather forgot to follow the most important advice: Stay out of the path of runaway police motorcycles.

Unfortunately, Heather lost the ability to transform into Sasquatch.

And my unfortunate favorite:

Unfortunately Heather has to work as a hooker to pay for her retro fashion obsession. But she doesn’t mind. I mean check out these shoes!

Goodness! What are the Heathers in the world doing?!

The Lindahl News said...

Heather...these are too funny! I loved the line about checking out shoes, especially knowing that you are a shoe girl! Ha!

Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, Jennifer looks like she is stuck in a 1980’s time warp!

...even better...

Unfortunately, Jennifer is still recovering and she isn't ready to play tennis yet.

[you're so creative!]