Saturday, June 06, 2009

City Stories #3: THE CHAIR

This is a tale about a good deal, new chair and a small car. But, first you need to know about what was just not quite right in our little city nest...or as we sometimes call it now, our little treehouse due to being on the second floor and seeing tree leaves out our windows.

See that black chair to the left of the faux fireplace? It just wasn't right, even though it is a fine chair. We both looked at the space and pondered what to find to replace it - and Wes had an 'aha' moment when he thought a leather chair might be just right. However, he is a bit on the picky side and also wished for the leather chair to be a recliner and a swiveler to boot. Meanwhile, I am thinking UGLY! We hit an impasse.

Fast forward to a play date with my sister when we decided to explore a Marshall's in the city. With a free parking garage and a nice, big, clean retail space we set about to conquer! And, wouldn't you know it, just inside the door Diann spotted this beauty.

And the price was really really good for a leather chair! However, it still was enough of a purchase that Wes should have a say. Plus, it had no swivel or no reclining feature. What to do?

I know: I'll keep looking and thinking while I shop! I went back and forth to the chair between the clothes racks visits, the housewares department and even the shoe area and books. An hour later, Diann and I met and conferred: Yes, I'd get it and give it to Wes as a SURPRISE wedding anniversary present! Our only obstacle now was how to get the chair home in her fine, but small, Prius. We left our carts behind and went out and measured the car dimensions in the parking garage...and concluded that it would work.

The purchase was paid for and over the store intercom a call was made for stock help to come and help us get the chair into the car. She showed up and was on the smallish, but apparently mighty-ish side and she hefted the chair onto the shopping cart and away they went.

Take a look of the city view that the chair had on its way down to the parking garage.
Someone has to take the picture, right? Diann is a strong sister, I must admit. And the chair DID fit with the back hatch open. We set off on our way through the Wrigleyville neighborhood where folks were in the spirit of the Cubbies...and we laughed all the way "home."
SURPRISE!!! Do you think that Wes looks pleased with his gift? He's trying it out. The ottoman is an attempt at the reclining part, and perhaps the swiveling will be possible by manually moving the chair into the desired location? Feel free to give an opinion.


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks,'re so supportive! Come back soon to stay with us again. We're implementing your suggestions...

Katie said...

Hello there, Deb! I've finally caught up on all your blog postings! Congrats on the new place in the city! It looks totally chic and I can imagine all the wonderful adventures to come. So are you still traveling to Cook to work part-time? What are your future plans?

Yay for getting back to the blogging world :)

Timi + Andrew said...

The CHAIR looks very comfy... The smile on Wes` face says it all.