Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #18: Memory Lane

It's been some time since Pink took a trip~and we're freshly back from a long weekend with her in the North Woods /Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Once again, we found ourselves conducting family business and working hard on a project. Near to our work site, Wes spent much boyhood time at his Grandparent's cabin. During a break, we took a little walk and Wes told stories about his summers there as a boy. I invite you to come along with me via this blog to go back in time...down Memory Lane if you will, to catch a glimpse of this passed past.
Between the broken tree on the left and the middle tree is now a tight, thick growth of pines. This used to be where the Granparents had their cabin. Time shows how nature returns to nature given moisture, winters with heavy snowfall, and vacancy of owners. However, in the background still remains a building from the past: the playhouse! Word has it that the Grandparents paid nearly the same for this playhouse to be built as what they spent on the cabin. Maybe playtime puts happy vibes into the wood? The playhouse has been repainted by the present owners of this property. And, by peeking inside, it looks like the building is still a special place for short people who like to garden. At this point, please allow me to digress a bit from the Memory Lane story. I wanted to show you our recently handed-down dining room table with a fresh coat of white paint. Wes' Dad crafted this table from the wood of his parent's cabin and it was used by the young Lindahl family in the late 60's, 70's and 80's. Wes spent many hours climbing this huge willow tree. Now it is but a huge stump. Near this tree, the lake goes on to form the start of a river. Now that the kids are grown up and gone, the beavers have had time - and peace - to build quite an impressive dam. Around the lake there was a path for the young boys to ride their treasured mini bike. Ahh, those were the carefree days. Now the path has been taken over by trees, plants and flowers. What a reminder that life passes quickly, and before you know it you are an adult. With a blink of an eye, it seems you have your children turning into adults themselves. And all you can do is pass along the stories and memories and hope that you will be remembered long afterwards by future generations.


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks for the FB comment, Anne. Now it makes me wonder if you did ever see this place - and yes, you would have loved the playhouse.

We'll have to chat.

Timi + Andrew said...

Beautiful blog, Deb! It reminded me of my summers with my grandparents and cousins! Thanks!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, so this reminded you of summers past? You are so far away from your youthful "home" and I am glad to have shared this with you!

It is beautiful there.

Katie said...

This blog posting reminds me of The Giving Tree :)