Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Just Ducky" (Copycat Challenge #2)

On to the next project in my challenge to blog/create my way through the book Blanket Statement by Vicki Haniger. This time I chose the sweet little Darling Duckling on pages 62 and 63. What a relaxing thing it was to blanket stitch my way through this little quacker! And a green quacker at that! Vicki's directions are clear and easy to follow. I made the duck as suggested with no reduction in size.
However, I did reduce the size to make this duck for a baby greeting card...something like 62% reduction. I fed the card through my printer first with the words inside,
"Welcome to the world, Little One" and then glued the duck shape to the front of the card after using the blanket stitch around him, too. The duck bill is the same oval pattern as used in the 3D duck above; I just did a little gathering stitch in the middle to add dimension to the card duck.
Gotta say this is waaaay getting me into the becoming-a-Grandma frame of mind!


Timi + Andrew said...

Very cute, Deb!
By the way I made the cut-out cookies tonight, they are delicious (and very buttery...)!

The Lindahl News said...

Good for you, Timi! Did you make shapes?

The Lindahl News said...

And, thanks, Anne and Sandi for FB comments!

Melissa said...

I LOVE IT! You are so clever and crafty. I wish I was. Sigh.

Good luck as you keep on challenging yourself!

Spirit Bear said...

I always MEAN to make my own cards, but you actually DO it! This is so inspiring. Maybe this will go in the baby book?