Friday, November 27, 2009

True Hospitality

It's just a fact that sometimes we'll be without our kids for the holidays. When we were invited to join in a Thanksgiving gathering by relatives of relatives, we jumped at the opportunity. And it was just delightful! Thanks, C family for taking us in as two of your own. You kissed us as we entered the lodge at Camp Duncan (the family is so large that it wouldn't fit in anyone's house) and then asked who we were. You shared all that delicious food with us (three turkeys), and treated us to your Italian twist on any meal with pasta, stuffed ravioli, Italian meatballs, "gravy" and parmesan cheese. We savored Aunt Thelma's pies (hearing how she made 16 of them this year) as we sat around the table talking like we had always known you. For your true hospitality we are very thankful!
Part of the kitchen crew: Laura, Mark and Jim
The patriarch of the group (soon 80 years old) pointing out when he was a camp counselor at Camp Duncan as a "buff" 15 year old.
The stone fireplace in the lodge.
The food line-up. The pasta offerings are closest in the picture.
Wes with his sister, Renee, and her dog Fido. There were two dogs attending this Thanksgiving feast!
Four of the seven C siblings...three were unable to come.

Here we are with one of the youngest Thanksgiving atendees - our nephew Jackson. You might remember him as the ring-bearer in John and Kari's recent wedding.

Wherever you were and whomever you were with, I hope yours was a Thanksgiving to remember and savor as well.

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Thanks, "Aunt" Lindsay for your FB comment...John always adds a twist to any game playing event!