Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank You, Mrs. P. (and Sandi)

A very special package arrived at our home this week - one that was a true day-brightener in the midst of some pretty tough days. It was a box that contained cards and gifts to celebrate the arrival of Miss Ellie. A gift that my dear high school friend, Sandi, and her mother, Mrs. P. put together. (Mrs. P is a very special mom who put up with a whole lot of silliness from her daughter's friend all those years ago with countless sleepovers, boy craziness, snack food appetites and that awful music we listened to sometimes.) Apparently Sandi told Mrs. P. that I was a grandmother-to-be who was a total klutz with knitting needles. She came to the rescue by knitting four pieces for Miss Ellie -
a hat,
a sweater with sweet pink heart buttons,

and two little bitty bootees.

This special outfit was worn the evening Ellie's Daddy came home from the hospital! It fit Ellie just perfectly and we thank you for everything "P" girls!! Welcome home, Jed!!!!!!!!!


Jed and Anne said...

so sweet! we are so glad jed is home indeed!

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, Sandi replied earlier that she thought Ellie looked a lot like you at that age - or did I just dream that? Sandi...did you say that?

oatley said...

maybe? I don't remember. Ellie is so sweet ... hope Anne doesn't mind I check her blog for pictures and progress on her new little one. So glad Jed is home and on the mend ... as we say with Ray, he dodged a bullet. So relieved all is well.

Eileen said...

Beautiful outfit, beautiful girls!
So glad to hear that things are going well.


simplicity said...

That last picture of the three of you is my favorite one! So sweet! Motherhood looks wonderful on Anne!

Melissa said...

Oh, my word! What handiwork - and what a special gift. So grateful Ellie's cause for getting all dolled up was her daddy's homecoming!