Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Accordion to Myron (P*S*C* #34)

Growing up in my household meant Lawrence Welk on TV on Saturday nights featuring Bobby Burgess and Cissy King, Joe Feeny, Jo Ann Castle, Norma Zimmer, The Lennon Sisters and accordion player Myron Floren. (Oh, Myron, I loved you with your curly hair and cheerful persona.) Here on the show, there was dancing and champagne bubbles. In our somewhat conservative Christian home this seemed so...well...borderline sinful!

So imagine the delight when we had an accordion player come right up to us playing and singing while we had a festive German dinner at the Gasthaus Restaurant near Stillwater, Minnesota! She tuned (get it?) right in on Ellie, and Ellie was very serious about her first accordion "concert."

Ellie observed the instrument, the keyboard fingering and watched as the instrument was pumped back and forth. She clapped throughout the performance. Maybe we have a budding little Myron Floren in our family! Anyone know where we could get a miniature accordion? Christmas is coming and this Gramma is ready to indulge! Ha!


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks for your Facebook comments! I'm happy to know some of you also watched the Lawrence Welk show.

Anne said...

She was really interested in the accordian - it was fun to see her get so excited!