Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #33 - DC and J.C.

See Pink? If you looked past her out into the view outside the hotel room, you would see the colorful fall trees and the spike of the Washington Monument. That's right, this time our travels brought us out to Washington DC! While the husband is in attendance at a conference, I am able to explore this amazing place. It takes bravery on my part as I am not a map conqueror and to put it mildly, directionally challenged is an understatement. Balance that with steely determination, though, and the Smithsonian museums are my goal to conquer --- as many as possible, please. (Did you know that there are actually 19 Smithsonian museums on the "mall" expanse?) The highlight for me was seeing the kitchen of Julia Child at the National Museum of American History. (Remember that year long Julie & Julia project?) Think about Paul and Julia sitting at this table eating anything-but-ordinary meals. Julia was "live" in an continuous looping interview.
These were but a few of her cooking gadgets on display.
Here's a peek at her patch.
A whole wall was devoted to a timeline of Julia's life, along with photographs and published books and such.
What a delicious time was had by this one Julia fan. It was worth every bit of map anxiety!
Coming: Meeting Michelle...or at least her dress.

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Sonia said...

I'm so glad you got to the Smithsonian museum, Deb, I knew you could do it! It looks like a great display and tribute to a worthy woman!