Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Pick, Prowl, Purchase Plan

Christmas came early this year for our family of seven. And what a fun time we had with baby Ellie in the mix. We tried a new way of gift-giving this year and it was a success! It was requested that I explain our plan on this blog, so here goes. Right now.
1. Pick. Each of the 6 of us (Ellie was exempt) had our name written on a slip of paper. Anne came up with a surefire way NOT to pick ourselves or our spouses (ask her) and we were requested to make a list of suggested gift ideas. She put all our wish lists in an email. The limit was $50.00.
2. Prowl. The rest of the family would get gifts, too. BUT, there were two rules for this: you could prowl through your own home, and "regift" items or spend no more than $1.00 on a gift.
3. Purchase. Using the email list as a guide, we bought one big ticket item or several smaller items on the wish list for the recipient. Wrapped, tagged and d-o-n-e done.
We all got items we wished for and less money was spent in the process. The "prowl" items were the cause of much laughter as well. For example, John handed out a couple of $1.00 lottery tickets and someone made some money on their ticket. Wes handed out 4 oil paintings he had painted long before the kids were born and they all were quite surprised to hear of his days as a painter. (They only thought of his past as a ski bum!)
Kari found elf and Santa hats for the guys, and they looked quite festive (as shown below) wearing their jolly hats. At $1.00 per hat at the Dollar Tree, she followed the rules as set in the plan. Other "prowl" gifts included a bud in a container to force into blooming - I loved it! Dish towels (regifted and just the right color for our City Nest), a sweatshirt that couldn't be returned, a calendar with Ellie pictures for her Mama were a few of the other prowl gifts.
We'll certainly be using this plan again next year! It was a great way to go greener and save the "green" at the same time. With a lot a warm feelings along the way, by the way. Gotta say I love the times spent with our family. Which is the best GIFT of all.


simplicity said...

I LOVE this idea and as our kids get older I'd like to do things like this :) Thanks for sharing. Enjoy Ellie's first Christmas. Got your Christmas letter and could feel the joy you've got for that babe just reading it :)

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Samara! We are rather fond of Miss Ellie. Good times, indeed!

oatley said...

Deb, I love this idea. I think I'll recommend this for next year. BTW-this looks like you won't be with your "kids" and Ellie for Christmas. Bit of a bummer. Where will you and Wes be? We have the morning with Jackson and our "kids", a stop at my parents,and then we begin a long drive (with Judy and Tom) to FL for the week. Looking forward to warmer weather, but the drive - not so much. Merry Christmas dear friend!

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi, I hope you can try it next year! It really was fun.

Wes and I plan on spending time with my sister and her husband.

Please put some pictures on FB of your morning with Jackson!

Merry Christmas, dear friend!