Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Very Pink Christmas Indeed (P*S*C* #35)

As you might recall, my sister and I go all out with exchanging themed Christmas presents each year. It is always a highlight to see what she comes up with! This year she was inspired to "Think Pink" as we have a new grand-daughter who certainly brings that color to mind. What was truly a surprise is that she thought about that other Pink in my life ---that suitcase that goes all over with me as we travel near and far. Diann went to the online website of Blog2Print and had the complete Chronicles printed in book form - all 34 adventures to date.
This gift really blew me away, along with all the other pink items tucked inside the above duffle bag: the book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann, pink fuzzy socks, a scented pink candle, pink lotions and concoctions, a pink sweater set and so on. Am I a lucky sisiter or what?
My theme for her this year was classier than most of my gifts to her - "Through the Year with Poetry" featuring gifts relevant for the months and seasons. Shown above you will see the two sisters basking in not only presents but the presence of each other. We know we have been given much simply by having each other in this life journey.

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Spirit Bear said...

wow, you two are inspiring! Making a book from your posts was amazing. I want a more detailed description of the items - what fun. You know, you should do the same thing with your blanket creations posts.