Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Local Winter Getaway!

Just before our big storm hit, my friend took me on a winter getaway day to Antioch, Illinois. We had a delightful time discovering all this small-town gem had to offer: Cafe Book for hot beverages and book-browsing, Rustique for strolling through French-inspired vignettes, a thrift store on the main drag (forgot the name), a charming lunch/tea place called Infini- Tea, the Pickard China outlet store (maker of the Presidential china), and finally to Ceramics for You where we selected and painted our very own ceramics "art" piece.
Talk about "flow" time! Once we selected our bisque bowls, we sat down to create in paint. The time zoomed by as we were planned our designs, dipped our brushes and went to town.
Neither of us had ever been to a paint-your-own-ceramics workplace. I highly recommend this to the kid in you - you're never too old to produce a mini masterpiece!
It's hard to see exactly what our finished products looked like, but here they are. Keep in mind that the colors don't really pop out until the pieces are fired in the kiln.
Yesterday was the day was the day the pieces would be ready post firing - yippee! Mine is the one on the left (I have a thing for buzzing bees) and Marti's is the one on the right.
She painted hers (left) with colorful dots of various sizes and colors. I opted for yellow and red stripes. We are both pretty durn pleased with our end results! A winter getaway (local) is highly recommended as we fight our way through snow and cold...and it's only February.

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