Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day "I Spy"

Please play along with me as we celebrate Valentine's Day 2011 in the style of the
a game we used to play as kids when something (a color) was described and the rest of the gang had to guess what it was. Consider yourself one of the guessing gang. Ready? Here goes!
Me: I spy with my little eye something that is the color of snow when freshly fallen...
You: Is it the lacy hearts on this cute Valentine wreath?
Me: No, those little lacy hearts are actually the color of pink with touches of red and gold. Nice try, though! They were decorations where Wes and I went for lunch today in our city neighborhood.
You: Is it the napkins that are folded on the table of the restaurant called Selmarie?
Me: No, though the restaurant IS Selmarie in Lincoln Square. And it is the perfect place to go with your sweetie for a Valentines' Day lunch.
You: Is it the trays that these yummy Valentine cookies are posing upon until someone comes along to buy for their favorite teacher, preacher, child or auntie?
Me: No, but they would make a good gift for someone, that's for sure!
You: Could it possibly be the sprinkles around the edges of these special cupcakes? They are a real deal at only $2.15 each.
Me: Afraid not, honey. But they would make a great dessert on this night of nights.
You: I know! I know? Is it the shirt that the man in the background is wearing? He looks mighty familiar, by the way!!
Me: You sure are a smart one. He is getting a lot of face time on the television these days. He is running for the position of mayor of Chicago, you know. You win --- you guessed correctly!The question is now if he will win in this election. (FYI, we cannot vote in this Chicago election as we are not "legal" city voters.)
Happy Valentine's Day to one and all - even including you, Mr. Rahm Emanuel!


Melissa said...

LOVE this blog post! Hope you and Wes (and Rahm!) had a lovely V-Day lunch at one of my favorite spots. :)

Marta said...

When I think of love and romance, Rahm doesn't often come to mind - but he certainly fits in nicely to this Valentine's celebration! :) Happy V Day to you and Wes.

Sarah said...

You crack me up!

The Lindahl News said...

Election day results: Rahm was elected mayor of Chicago. Now my picture with him is even more precious...