Friday, March 25, 2011

Mindful Schmindful

Perhaps you may recall my 2010 word of the year was Mindful. As in mindful where I put my keys, papers, receipts and such. Oh, how I had such high hopes for tapping that part of my brain where memory was reigning supreme. Regretfully, that dream remains rather cloudy to this day. Let's fast forward to yesterday when I know I left the house with my glasses on.

The only stop I made was to the library.

I know I left the library with my glasses gone. Twice - yes, twice, I went back to look for them. A mass email was sent to all staff employees to be on the lookout for my glasses. No one has yet called; I am assuming the glasses are really gone or lost. I am hoping that someone placed my glasses in their glasses case, and will discover that the pair perched on their nose will blur vision enough to realize, "Yipes, these are not my glasses!" and bring said pair back to the library to be reunited with their rightful owner, me. After all, this happened to my own Mom just a few years back! She was in her skilled care nursing facility at the time and her vision was really blurry. More blurry than usual, in fact, which called for a visit to the eye doctor.

My sister took her there, when - lo and behold - the doctor said that my Mom wasn't wearing her own glasses, but someone else's. Oh dear! What to do?

Mom went to dinner back in her nursing home. She talked to her table mates about her experience at the doctor's office. When she said she couldn't see out of her glasses, a table mate piped up, "I can't see either!" and they realized they had each other's glasses. They switched glasses with each other and both proclaimed with glee, "I can see! I can see!" Then they figured out that they had gotten the glasses mixed up when at the beauty shop a few days earlier. Much giggling ensued. (Mom was quite a giggler.)

Therefore, I am urging you, dear readers, that if your eyes are more blurry than usual, please check to make sure you are wearing the right glasses - not mine - and all will once again be clear and crisp (vision-wise) with the world! This is certainly my fault to be without my glasses. I know I wasn't mindful when I set them down somewhere in the first place. Mindful Schmindful.