Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #36 - Celebrating Two Birthdays

What better reason to dust off Pink and head north and west to Minneapolis to visit Wes' parents? Because they are both celebrants of milestone birthdays ending with a 5! (In all fairness to Elder, he is not quite there --- he married an older woman by 37 days.) We tried to be there smack dab between their special days. In the picture above, you can see Pink resting on their den bookcase, home to woodcarvings, plates and collected treasures through their travels.
Our first celebration consisted of going to a rockin' jazz and gospel concert presented by North Park University students at Plymouth Covenant Church. Here we met up with their niece's daughter, Kyla Lindberg.
Following the concert we ate at Doolittle's and the food was fabulous. Especially when we threw our current food consumption plan out the window!
Elder and Muriel were surprised by the "Mudslide" birthday treat at the end of the meal. Yum!
The next day (thanks for the new favorite Norweigian sweater, Renee and Jeff), we had a little party for them in their apartment and served up the cake and candles. One of their friends played the pump organ while we belted out the "Happy Birthday" song, and I happily report that seniors are still loving their non-decaffeinated coffee before bedtime as well. More pictures of this birthday party can be found on my Facebook page, shouldst you decide you want to friend me.
We are so blessed to have these special parents, grandparents and great-grandparents in our lives and we wish them all the best as they go forward in the upcoming year! We love you!

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