Monday, May 02, 2011

Let's Talk About THE Dress (Royal Wedding)

Here we are in all our early wedding morning glory! My sister came to sleep over at my house, so we could set our alarms for 2:50 AM and watch all the pre-wedding excitement on the telly. The discussion came up before the bride's dress was revealed and I told Diann I thought the dress would be figure-fitting and have long sleeves in lace. While we waited for the bride to come out of the hotel, we enjoyed the BBC television coverage of the wedding guests arriving at Westminster Abbey. (I was in heaven seeing all the hats and fascinators being worn...not a big fan of the Sarah/Andrew daughter's concoctions.) Please excuse the quality of the following pictures - they were taken right from the television screen. Here we see Catherine getting out of the car - and yes it does look like she was wearing a dress much like the one I had imagined! I thought Pippa's dress was a stunner as well.
Perfect, perfect, perfect.
I loved how Catherine looked so composed, relaxed and happy. Someone must have had the talk with her about stopping to take in the moment. She also had the sweetest wave to her adoring watchers.
The train of the dress was just the right length. (While composing this blog, I have heard that Facebook has already 72,000 fans of Pippa's posterior. Lucky gal.)
Here we see the bride with her veil over her face; I loved the non-froofyness of it with the tiara.
Look out how the dress emphasizes her tiny waist. And, didn't you just love the way Will held her hand here and as they walked in the recessional down the long aisle once pronounced husband and wife?
At first, I thought it was Will wearing the blue military garb in the car that the brothers took to the wedding. Harry's is certainly fancier than the red outfit Will wore, but Will 's coat cuffs were most assuredly more impressive.
Coming out of the Cathedral to the awaiting horse-drawn carriage was yet another high point of the wedding celebration. They make quite a smashing couple, don't you think?
Recap: I loved her wedding dress! But it wasn't just the dress, it was the way Kate carried herself in it. She looked - and acted - every inch a Princess as I would expect a Princess to look and present herself on her wedding day.


Sonia said...

The whole event was just magical. I love the pictures of Catherine looking over her shoulder, definitely taking in the moment as you observed. And have you ever seen two people so in love? Diana must have been smiling down on them, the way the sun came out as they drove away in their fairy tale carriage.

What I want to know is, how did they get those trees into Westminster Abbey? What a dream!!!

The Lindahl News said...

Sonia, thanks for your comments! I like to think that Diana would love knowing her son has found a true partner for life in Catherine.

I agree that the trees were just perect inside Westminster Abbey.