Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #45 - Spell Check

Pink very much enjoyed "crossing the border" into the country north of ours! We have just returned from a trip to Toronto, Canada. It is most interesting to note the dual language of French and English, with an emphasis on the British English. As one who likes to spell, especially in word game play, it was delightful to take note of these indicators that we were travelers away from our home turf.
Note: theatre vs. theater at the bottom of the sign and yes, I very much want to see this movie!
Don't you just love that it is called a laneway?
Hmmm...what does this gap mean?
We stayed rather near to this CN Tower.
Stay tuned for more favourite memories of our trip, c'est vous plait?


Spirit Bear said...

J'adore le Canada. Reading the French signs is such fun; I can barely resist taking photos of them. Can't wait to see more. Did William and Kate go there last summer?

The Lindahl News said...

Oui on the William and Kate question! Lots of magazine covers feature their smiling faces. Fun!

tap songs said...

what did he say on the sign?