Thursday, December 08, 2011

Quick! Before the kids are out of school!

Go visit Santa!
Never ever would we think of depriving children the experience of visiting Santa - if that is their wish (or their parent's wish). Recently, the Nelson sisters just
had to visit Santa themselves after their annual lunch at Macy's in the famous
Walnut Room. You see, we never ever visited Santa as girls.
(There was no "Santa" in our parental home.)
While I visited with Santa a couple of years ago with my friend Carol,
Diann had never done this. It was time.

With no children in line, in fact no one even close by, Diann and I made the winding trip through the State Street Macy's "Santa Land" and were escorted to the throne room of a Jolly Santa. We declined the offer to sit in his lap.

We stated our Wish Requests (including World Peace)

and were on our merry way.

Now it's just a matter of waiting.

You're never too old...we asked Santa himself!

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