Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Very Young Lucia

Today is December 13 and is St. Lucia Day!
Were you greeted early this morning by a young girl carrying a lantern and a tray of Lucia buns and a cup of coffee? Was she wearing a crown of burning candles and a long white dress with a sash of red?
Not me/us either.
However, we have potential of that in future years with the way young Miss E took to the whole Lucia pageantry thing. On Saturday, we took her to the Sankta Lucia Pageant at North Park University.
She was mesmerized by the Pepperkaksgubbarna dancing and throwing candy to the audience. She loved the singing of carols. But what she wanted to see most was Lucia with the candles on her head.
Whenever we said the word Lucia Miss E. placed her hands on top her own head and said,
"Lucia! Candles! Head!"
She paid rapt attention and gave quite a bit of commentary as the pageant progressed and culminated with the appearance of Lucia. (Thanks for your patience, fellow audience surrounding us.)
When I asked E. to look at how Lucia holds her hands, palms together as if praying, E. copied the position herself. When the program was over, she led us to the stage, crawled up the steps and imitated Lucia's reverent pose.

We plan on handing this picture to her Swedish professor one day in the distant future and saying she has previous experience and should be next Lucia herself!

Happy Lucia Day one and all!


simplicity said...

Absolutely adorable! So precious, I can't believe she's almost 2! Happy St. Lucia Day!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Samara! It is hard to believe, isn't it?

Happy St. Lucia to you and yours, too!

Timi + Andrew said...

She is gorgeous! I wish I could just squeeze her and kiss her cute cheeks!
Any chance she is coming to visit the CO relatives during this holiday season?

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, I'd like to reassure you that those cheeks are highly squeezable and kissable! As are your two own munckins, no doubt.

No, they won't be coming to CO this holiday season - we are the lucky ones this year!

Katherine Nicole Therese said...

Oh my goodness! What a little saint! She is just adorable! :) Thanks for making my night!