Monday, April 09, 2012

An Easter Frock for Miss E

While in Hong Kong, I had just a few minutes to pop inside of a fabric store with the name of Gala Fabrics. Due to my non-existent Mandarin speaking skills, and a shopkeeper with limited English it was an interesting exchange of commerce. I quickly spotted a table full of fabrics and couldn't choose between the blue print or the pink print so I bought both!
The shopkeeper wrapped up my purchase in the package seen above, so it felt like it was a gift.
Once home, I asked Miss E if she would like a pink Easter dress or a blue one and she chose blue.
Using a "Project Runway" inspired Simplicity pattern #1949 I began the project of making a frock for Ellie to wear on Easter Sunday. The dress had a criss-cross type of pleat system in the front,
pleats on the bodice back, sweet little puffed sleeves and was fully lined in blue with a zipper closure in the back.
Being a hat person, I just had to supply a hat to go with her blue dress.
I wouldn't say she exactly liked it, but she humored me by putting it on for a few seconds.
We had a houseful of dinner guests coming, but Miss E ate an early lunch of hummus and veggie straws while we made a few Easter egg bunnies.
Here you can see the little print on her blue dress. It had tiny sprays of flowers in white, pink and purple with little green leaves.
Following naptime, we headed outside for an egg hunt. That cardigan was most appreciated as it was a bit brisk outside. The eggs were a hit, too!
Did you and yours have a lovely Easter as well? I certainly hope so.

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Anne Bassett said...

Thanks for making it a special Easter. We loved the dress that you made for E. :)