Monday, April 30, 2012

"Happy Days" Jukebox (P*S*C* #48)

Take a look at the lovely woman on the left: she's the daughter
of an inventor who changed the way a jukebox worked!
She is shown here in front one of the Seeburg jukeboxes at the
50's Grill restaurant near Golden Valley, Minnesota.

She is Wes's mother and here she stands in front of a Seeburg
 "Classic M100 C Model" jukebox. 
Her father, Carl Gunnar Johnson came from Sweden to America
from Trensum, Blekinge in 1910 as a 17 year old young man. 
Eventually he worked at the JP Seeberg Corporation in Chicago.
By the late1940s, Seeburg manufactured its popular
"trashcan-shaped" series of jukeboxes - and you have seen these
via the opening scene in the popular TV series HAPPY DAYS
in which the Fonzie made Henry Winkler very popular and Richie
Cunningham warmed the hearts of young nerds everywhere.!
The invention of CG Johnson involved the record-cleaning brushes that would swish
over the record and clean the grooves in it before returning the record to the holder.
Look closely and
you can see the little brushes in
black. You can also see the Seeburg
brand label to the right. 

Why is it that we love to return to the music and memories of the 1950s?
Is it because it was the decade we were born in?  Is it the songs?  Is it the
icons such James Dean and Elvis Presley?  Is it the burgers, fries, milkshakes,
and malts?  Is it the fashions....the poodle skirts?
Whatever it is, I like the 50s memories!
Chocolate malt, anyone?

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