Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Crafting Gene?

I've had my hunches for quite a while now that Miss E just might
have the crafting gene that I seem to have been born with.  She asks
for crayons, paper and play-doh whenever she visits. She knows her
colors and has her favorites.  (Not white, that's for sure - she always
wants it taken out of the pack and placed away from the other colors.)

Recently, we had a just-the-two-of us Girl's Night
and there was a secret plan of making her Mommy a gift.
I purchased (at the local thrift shop) an 8 x 10 white picture frame
and brought out the bin of pom poms.  Miss E had fun sorting
them into pastel colors, sorting out the reds, greens and bright
blues to the side.  Then out came the glue - she couldn't wait to get
going with that!

All around the frame went the pom poms.  I put the glue down
and she stuck the pom pom on the glue.  And so on until the frame
was covered.  Yes, I thought to myself, she is keeping going until
the project is complete!  This took about 20 minutes, and she
was still ready to craft we moved on to the wrapping
paper for the gift then and there.

Two flower-shaped cookie
cutters were used to print
on the white paper.   She
wanted purple, so I mixed
together the red and the blue
paint.  A cork was used to
print the flower centers. 
The paper was ready, but had
to wait overnight to dry.

The first thing we did after
breakfast the next day was
to put the picture in the frame,
then into a box and then came
the wrapping.

It's ready for giving to Mommy now, and Miss E was pretty
excited about her secret gift even though her glance looks a
little ??? in the picture.

Can't wait for more adventures in crafting with Miss E,
that's for sure!


Anne Bassett said...

Awww, you got your crafter! I never did have the patience to do these kinds of things, did I?

Thanks for the great gift and for the great day! :)

Timi + Andrew said...

So sweet! Your creativity impresses me every time :)
And Ellie is a cutie pie!

Sarah said...

What a crafty it!