Monday, May 14, 2012

Jumping for Joy - Graduation Day!

Congratulations to our daughter
upon completion of her
Master's Degree
and Science
Education awarded this past
Saturday!  Hoot-Hoot-Hip-Hip Hooray!

She has been working the past two years
in a program through the Illinois Institute
of Technology (IIT) and the Museum of
Science and Industry in Chicago.

Life has been busy busy for her,
to say the least.

Miss E got in the spirit of the day by wearing her
Mommy's special glasses.

Congrats to you, dear Anne!
We're all so very very proud of you!


Anonymous said...

So awesome! Congrats Anne!

cellothug said...

Congrats, Anne! Getting a Masters while teaching full time is a BIG deal! I can't even imagine how you did it with a little one at home too! :)