Friday, September 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home - Sweden Style

With Wes busy with conference activities, I have time to stroll through the neighborhoods in the city of Karlstad, Sweden.  I'm in love with these houses!  They are far different than our US neighborhood subdivisions I might add - and in a good way.  No long streets with houses lining up in orderly fashion. Here and there a few houses may line up in a row, but I have yet to see coookie-cutter styles from one place to the next.  One common denominator, though, is the frequent use of mustardy yellow or reddish terra cotta for the house or roof color.

Another common denominator: windows painted in trim of white.  A third feature is the use of plants both in the yard and growing in potted containers from balconies and porches.  Check out the greenery growing over the fence here as well as the gate.

As I walk, I imagine sitting on this balcony while listening to the swishing sound of the flag
blowing in the wind while sipping a hot beverage and eating a little pastry treat.  More on those pastry treats later.

Here's another charming balcony  Small, but highly (pun intended) usable.

This house is more grand than the rest, but in the same neighborhood.  I especially like the striped window awnings.

And I loved peeking through the bushes and trees to get a look at this home.  The inhabitants
seemed to be checking me out, too, so I didn't linger long.

Of course the city also has its share of apartment dwellings.  Isn't the scroll work on the balconies
just gorgeous?

Now I take you to our dwelling place.  It's just about perfect, too.

 Greetings from Sweden!  Our home away from home is just about perfect.


Spirit Bear said...

what a perfect day! I think E should have a Swedish doll house.

The Lindahl News said...

Patricia, good idea! The little Miss is hittin' pay dirt already with all the finds I'm finding!