Saturday, September 15, 2012

Starting Your Day the Swedish Way: Frukost

We have just returned from eating our frukost (breakfast) and oh, was it good!  But, oh are we full.
This is what our hotel breakfast room looks like -  I took the picture yesterday afternoon when it
was empty.  Come along with me now to see our morning feast.

Right away you know you are not in "Kansas" anymore when you see the table of six count 'em six different kinds of herring.  Too bad we are not huge herring fans.

Next, let's go to the yogurt table where there are six count 'em six different kinds of yogurts.  Our personal favorite so far is the black currant yogurt.  Once you spoon out the yogurt into your bowl, you proceed to a toppings table with muesli, granola, nuts, seeds, berries, coconut, etc. And yogurt milk in different flavors to top it all off.

Then, beyond the yogurt toppings table is the bread section.  Here I'd like to comment that this is a carb-eaters heaven and a low carb-eaters nightmare!  Cardamon, whole grain, hard tack and much, much more.  Throw in some butter cookies, snicker doodles and oatmeal lace cookies for even more fun. This is breakfast with cookies and I'm in for that!

Seen enough yet?  Wait... there's more!  We haven't even gotten to the main part of breakfast with the
eggs, Swedish meatballs, bacon and varmkorv sausages.  The cheeses.  The tomatoes and peppers. The fruits.

Does this guy look like a happy guy or what?

We are going to roll home at this rate.  But what a way to roll, huh?  Great start to each day thus far.


Spirit Bear said...

what fun this is, to travel in Sweden with you! The breakfast reminds me of Maggie's AG Kirsten doll's cookbook. Kirsten is Swedish American, and one spring break we made a Swedish breakfast which included porridge (not a hit), applesauce and ginger cookies. The tomatoes are very British.

Spirit Bear said...

does Frukost mean breakfast?

The Lindahl News said...

PD, yes it does!