Sunday, November 26, 2006 be a Cat!

These are two recent photos of our cat, Marshmallow. She is now 16 years old and still amusing us! In her earlier life, she played right along with Anne and John...riding in the basket of a bike and dressing up in Cabbage Patch outfits. Now, she mostly likes to find interesting places to sleep and rest. She likes to cozy up in my work-in-progress quilts and just last week crawled inside this afghan by a book I had just finished reading, Artemis Fowl. This pose is just how I found her slumbering and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a pic.

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Jed and Anne said...

Cute little Mushie. I can remember greatly all of those moments of us growing up when she lived under the tree during the holidays 'frying' her brain. She must be some kind of a moron, but we love her!