Sunday, November 05, 2006

Great Concert!

Last night we attended the Gospel Choir concert at NP. It was rockin'! The singers filled the front of Anderson Chapel with their bodies and voices. And Rollo as leader is inspirational to watch as he directs the 150+ singers! Here are pictures of our son, John, with the choir, with his sister and the Johnson sisters, and with his brother-in-law and fellow singer, Paul. Great time!


simplicity said...

Has anyone ever said that John and Jed look alike? There are some very similar characteristics between the two guys! :)

Jed and Anne said...

These are great pictures, mom! It was great going to the concert with you and dad. Jed and I both had a great time!

The Lindahl News said...

In response to "Simplicity": Yes!
Many have said that Jed and John look similar, and we think so, too.
Also interesting to note is that they have a lot of personality traits in common, too! Aren't we lucky???

simplicity said...

You are lucky in more than one have a fantastic daughter, a wonderful son in law and a great son too. Good family! Can't complain about that :)