Friday, February 02, 2007

Food Fest Continues...Onion Loaf and Dutch Baby!

The post-birthday celebration has continued this week with being treated to meals out...and pigout eating. Good thing we recently joined a health club - haha! Pigout #1: The oh-so-deep-fried, oh-so-fat, oh-so-caloried, oh-so-greasy, oh-so-tasty onion loaf...and believe it or not this is only the HALF loaf! My wonderful friend, Marti, treated me to a tasty lunch at Hackney's in Lake Zurich. Here we "digest" in front of the cozy fire. Pigout #2:The delectable, delicious and decidedly decadent DUTCH BABY! Served with fresh lemon wedges, powdered sugar and maple syrup! John treated me to a lunch out together. How honored I am that a 20 year old son would want to go out one-on-one with me! My choice: Walker Brothers Original Pancake House in Wilmette.

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Marny said...

Ok, so somehow I lost my first comment. Weird.
Looks like you had many birthday celebrations this year! How fun!
And how nice that your son likes to hang out just with you once in a while. You know, I have a daughter his age, who currently is unattached....
We are taking Bec out for her birthday dinner tonight!
Keep warm!