Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On My Mind

I don't usually post much of anything substantial, but the time has come for me to post something on my mind: the abuse of blogging.
Recently, something very negative on a blog site - YouTube to be specific - has caused somewhat of an uproar for a certain community. An individual thought it would be funny to put out a post that could give close-up details of an event that was supposed to be harmless. Mistakes were made on ALL sides, but this particular post caused many people to be
exposed, embarassed, shaken, reprimanded harshly, and accused. What was this person thinking? Is this okay? My opinion: I think not!
The reason I blog is to update those I know and love with the everyday details of what is going on in our lives. Nothing highly controversial, nothing embarassing, nothing too personal...just, hopefully, something that will bring a smile or a thought to others. Lord knows, the world is already a tough place in which to exist with everyday woes of homelessness, hunger, war, unrest, global warming, weather name it. Why make the world any uglier by putting "seedy" on blogspots??? And then spreading the word just to get viewer hits...and, ultimately, the attention of disciplinarians?
I love opinions (like Sarah's about the commercialization of President's Day), I love life journey/pictures of a miracle baby (like Sanne), I love hearing from long-lost friends (like Eda), I love insights from family (like Anne and Jed), I love good writing in general (Samara), I love seeing what the snow is like in Colorado (Linnea), I love hearing from our "Wedding Singer" and his dear family (Marn and Tracy), I love knowing what my first grand-nephew (Cal) is up to and I love hearing from Sweden (Elin).
So, to anyone who could possibly read this, thank you for your blogs that I so enjoy reading. You have enlightened and cheered me. To the one who posted the blog that caused so many negative reactions and actions...please let this be a defining moment in your life and learn from your mistake tenfold. It really wasn't very funny.


Jed and Anne said...

Mom, you are a good writer too! I agree that people need to be careful of what they end up putting on the internet. You never know who could be reading. Most of the time it is just harmless and sweet. But, still...anyway, thank you for sharing your heart!

Marny said...

I agree with you and Anne!
And I just added a comment below your pizza pic - so check that one out, too.
And - about your comment on my blog - we'd like to travel with you guys, too sometime. We have no major trips planned at this point. We are going to visit Chris and Hillary in their new apartment in NC over Easter. Should be fun.

simplicity said...

I do not know what You Tube video or situation you are referring to...but I agree, the internet is the internet...and just because it is quick and easy doesn't mean there are no consequences. We must think before we act.

For some reason, our society seems to have trouble with that these days.