Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Sweethearts

From youngest to oldest, I love my nieces and nephews! I had so much
fun making valentines for all of them (under the age of 10), and sending little treats off to them in the mail. Happy Valentine's Day to Jackson, Laena, Karl, Jeffrey, Grace and Samatha. I love you!
And for those over the age of 10: Vicki, Becca, Ryan, Eric (Cherith), Kurt (Denee),Linnea, Carl, Peter, Andrew (Timi) and Jennifer, I love you, too!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to one and ALL!
And a special shout-out to my great niece, Ava, and my great nephew, Calvin.
You are my littlest sweethearts.


Jed and Anne said...

These are the cutest little cards, mom! You did a great job creating them! They are way better than the ones we 'put together' on Saturday...you are so talented. I love you!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Anne! I used a freebie scrapbooking disc that I got with a magazine, and it was quite pleasurable to download, add embellishments, text, etc. What did we EVER do without computers at our disposal? And, it was a
great time to craft with you last Saturday!