Wednesday, May 02, 2007

C and D get Married!

By now, the reader must have figured out that I love weddings, brides, grooms and everything connected to the subject. So, here I go again... It's not often we attend the weddings of our peers, and this one was one of the most special weddings ever due to the couple's sweet story, which is not mine to tell. Let's just say that these two, C and D, were very mindful of what it takes to start over again, and they have a deep, thoughtful, deliberate relationship with each other and God. The service was so beautiful and we were blessed to be in attendance. (Forgive me for not adding their heads to this photo - they are both handsome/beautiful, but I wish to protect their privacy). A lovely reception was held in the church Fellowship Hall. Mike from Studio West was the wedding photographer...the same one Anne and Jed used for their wedding, and who also took photos of Wes' sister's wedding when Anne was a flower girl in 1990, and who was the photographer when Anne's cousin was married and she was a bridesmaid in 2001 (with Jed as one of the ushers!!). WE LIKE MIKE!! The bride was radiant and stunning in her dress...I was bold and asked if I could take a close-up of the dress and she kindly let me do just that (but probably thought I was a little nutty). This is the new family with the two daughters serving as bridesmaids and the new son-in-law in the middle. All the best to you, our dear friends. Can't wait to hear about the honeymoon!!!


Jed and Anne said...

Hi Mom,
I liked your post, but is there a way to get a picture with some of their heads in the picture, or was the blogger just blocking you from doing that?
I am so happy for Dennis and Carol, and I wish for them a long happy life together.

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, on purpose I "cut" their heads off due to privacy issues.

I cropped the fully headed digital pictures from our Picture Project site, did my blog and then went back and restored the heads, so that you can see them anytime you come home...they are such an attractive couple and family!