Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Night and I'm Meeting an Author

Our library sponsored a whole day event with the famous children's author, Gail Carson Levine, culminating with an evening book talk and book signing with over a hundred children and adults in attendance. Here I am pictured with the author and two of my co-workers. I feel so tall standing next to the petite author here! One of my favorite children's books is Ella Enchanted, written by Gail Carson Levine. It is also a Newbery Honor Book, and was made into a movie with the same name, starring Anne Hathaway. Ms. Levine had the audience enthralled with how the book was first "optioned" and the star would be Michelle Kwan performing as Ella on ice! Later, Ms. Levine told about meeting the very tall Ms. Hathaway and enjoying the hugs of the tall actress. She also told how her only disappointment with the film was that it didn't follow the book with Ella practicing complete obdience, but oh well. That's Hollywood! Gail Carson Levine started writing books when she was 39 years old, and hasn't stopped since. Thirteen books later - with a new one coming out this July called Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand - she's still going strong! When asked how she gets her ideas for writing books, these are her responses: (Pay particular attention to favorite!) 1. Read, read, read 2. Adding twists to familiar stories such as fairy tales 3. Going to new places 4. Meeting people 5. Peeling 100 potatoes. Following the book talk, the author signed copies of her books. It was a thrill for me to spend my Thursday evening being inspired by this woman!


melissa said...

how fun! and starting a new career at launching my own event-planning company in my mid-20s doesn't seem quite so daunting!

The Lindahl News said...

Melissa, she was quite inspiring with going forth in her life after both her parents died when she was that age. You are WAY ahead here and I wish you well as you go forth with your own event-planning company!