Monday, May 07, 2007

Special Woman. Special Party.

Over the weekend, I attended a SURPRISE birthday party for a very dear woman: our pastor's wife, Kathy. Let me just say that this woman SOOOOO deserves a party in recognition of all the many things she does in and out of our church: she's a pianist, an organist, a vocalist, a banner creator, a chef for many every Wednesday night, a host for countless potluck/progressive dinners in their home, a teacher of Sunday School, an organizer of the kid's chime choir, an amazing wedding coordinator, a good listener, a partner in ministry with her husband, a nurse...and the list goes on. What's most amazing to me is how she carries off all of the above and more with a smile on her face and a willing, cheerful spirit. The world is a brighter place with Kathy in it! An overview of the party venue and guests, doesn't it look so cheery? This was the first time ever that I have heard the Happy Birthday song hammered out out the dulicimer, thanks to Linda K. We women always like our sweets table, don't we? The chicken salad before this was delicious, too. (Carol R., call me for details...) Here's the cake! A confection of whipped cream, berries and cake layers. Table decorations with a butterfly theme and home-made fudge for all in butterfly boxes...yummy! A book of memories, cards and notes was made for Kathy by the women attending the party and others from church. A fun game was played and a verbal tribute was given. Thanks go out to Karen and many others who made this party such a sweet success, and especially to Kathy for being such an amazing, giving woman...and always one with a smile on her face!

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Jed and Anne said...

What a fun party! And who can beat those decorations!