Saturday, June 23, 2007

Midsummer in Minnesota

Last weekend, we had the chance to be in Minnesota visiting Wes' parents. When Elder told us that our visit was timed perfectly to visit the Midsummer celebration there, we jumped at the opportunity! This Midsummer event was held at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. This is really a beautiful place! Sights of the day Young and old were wearing wreaths of flowers around their heads. RIGHT: The dancers performing in costumes were accompanied by a large group of musicians from Sweden. LEFT:Carrying the fresh flower garland to the site of the pole. Finally the Midsummer Pole is raised and the crowd goes least as wild as Minnesotans/Scandinavians get. Three generations celebrating a Scandinavian tradition; life has its sweet moments!


simplicity said...

You were in the great state of MN???!!!???

Were you at Salem last Sunday too??!???

How our paths COULD have crossed!

By the way, I love that redish colored top you're wearing in that picture. Very cute!

The Lindahl News said...

It would've been so much fun to run into you in Minnesota. We were there to help Wes' folks pack up for a move to the apartments at the Manor. Whew! (We didn't even go to church on Sunday!)

Jed and Anne said...

It really looks like a little slice of Sweden that you were experiencing! Wow! It was so nice of y'all to do that for G&G. I know that they really appreciate all that you did for them.

cellothug said...

My mom celebrated midsummer in Sweden last summer-how great that you could enjoy it in MN!