Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What I Do at Work

For many years now (I started in 1981, took a break for several years to go back to teaching and came back almost 9 years ago), I have been working in the Children's Department of our local library. It's a busy place always, but especially bustling now that the Summer Reading Club is officially underway. Children flock to the library to join the club and participate in the many, many programs we offer. I'm often asked what I do at the library and it is this: Storytimes for 2 years olds and their parents/care-givers, Reference Desk coverage and artwork for the seasons with bulletin boards, flyer covers and such. It's been a busy time for me getting ready for the summer blowout, but it's all done now, so I'll take you on a mini-tour of our department: Welcome to the Children's Department! This is what it looks like now (all decorated) with the space theme, Star Power: To the Library and Beyond. Blowing up all these inflatible astronauts was a kick. They are pretty darn cute for astronauts. Here and there throughout the Children's Department are aliens, astronauts and space dudes. I designed and did the artwork for the large bulletin board. (Close-up of the sun and Mercury.) I designed the commemorative SRC (Summer Reading Club) T shirt for children and adults. (Pictured here with our Department Head, Eileen) I designed the reading folders for the Summer Reading Club as well as the activity flyer cover. How lucky I am to have a job that meshes my passions for children's literature, working with my hands and creativity, telling stories and interacting with 2 year olds and their grown-ups and learning something new every day! And it's especially wonderful because I do it on a part-time basis and can still travel, play and paint on the side!


Sarah said...

Hooray for the Library! You make the Children's Department such a wonderful place to be, Deb! Can't wait to join you in the library world soon!

simplicity said...

So cool to see this! Our reading program at our library starts next Monday and we'll be there to sign up for the fun!!!

Jed and Anne said...

Whoa mom, this looks great! You did a great job this year! I can't wait to see it in person!