Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I Miss About Teaching

With schools being out now, it makes me wax nostalgic about my days teaching in a local preschool. I taught students in preschool/kindergarten in a class called StorySparks. The class was based on children's literature. Here I share with you two of my favorite experiences, and further reasons why I love kids this age: #1 The Madeline Story As part of a 4 part series on Story Stars, I wanted to do a day about famous story charaters from France. Crictor is the story of a snake who lives with Madame Louise Bodot in a little French town. We talked about the French flag, the way the French folks greet each other with cheek kisses on each side. We talked about how to count to ten in French and say a few words in French and we sang Frere Jacques. However, the star of the day was Madeline - the character Ludwig Bemelmans made famous. I brought in my Madeline doll and showed her little appendectomy scar. We talked about Miss Clavel and the orphanage there. The day was lots of fun and I hoped the students got an idea of life in another country. At pick-up time, Fiona's mother came to pick her up and asked Fiona, What did you do today in class? Fiona replied excitedly, Well, we pulled down Madeline's pants and Mrs. L. taught us how to French kiss! #2 The Curious George Story With the same unit of Story Stars, we had a day with all Curious George stories. The point was how the little guy always got himself into mischief. I thought it would be fun to have a dictated story/creative writing table about how the student would get into mischief at home if they were like Curious George. Kids told me how they would creep downstairs and change the clocks, eat ice cream in the middle of the night while watching movies, etc. Then, it was Richard's turn. I sat with pencil in hand ready to write down his plan of mischief. Our conversation follows: Mrs. L: So, Richard, what would you do that was mischievious? R.: Well, I'd go under the table and grab my Dad's nuggets! Mrs. L: (Picturing here how Dad would be hitting the ceiling in pain) Richard, I don't think Dad would like that very much! R.: You know, they're the kind of nuggets I get with my Happy Meal! Mrs. L: Oh! (Thinking here what a smutty mind I have to think of THOSE kind of nuggets!) I think that would be pretty mischievious!


melissa said...

i just laughed so hard, i nearly choked on my latte. thanks for the mid-day chuckle! i love how kids bring great laughter - and how they don't even realize that their innocence translated into adult visualization can make it all the funnier for us! ;)

The Lindahl News said...

You got my point! I'm glad it made you chuckle, as it still does with me all these years later.

simplicity said...

Oh my goodness! I am laughing out loud right now.

Thanks for sharing!