Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, I just got "tagged" by Melissa and now I'm supposed to list 8 facts/habits about myself. Usually, I avoid anything having to do with chain-letter format because as I child, I was traumatized by a letter I got assuring me of grave danger (literally!) if I didn't send x amount of letters to x amount of friends within an alloted time. So, because M is a lovely person, I will do the 8 facts and hope she forgives me if I don't tag anyone in return! Hmmm.. here goes:

1. FACT: I have had broken collarbones 4 times:

  1. Falling down the stairs at age 3 or so.
  2. Falling out of bed at age 3 or so. Not long ago, my dear sister 'fessed up that she actually pushed me, and apologized profusely!
  3. Falling in the street gutter while flying a paper kite that I made in kindergarten.
  4. Practicing a cheerleading round-off while babysitting (8th grade). Humiliating!

2. HABIT: I almost always polish off my breakfast meal with a cookie.

3. FACT: My two computer addictions: blogging and Scrabble.

4. HABIT: My friend, Jan, and I go to a local thrift store almost every Thursday. Let's hear it for the Blue Smock!

5. FACT: I really truly worked for a multi-millionaire during the first year after college. I was a maid. His name was Lee Gould (Gould Coal and Oil) and his summer home was in/near Waupaca, WI. One of his best friends was Forrest Tucker (remember "F Troup"?) and another the guy who wrote I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

6. HABIT: I love to scrapbook!!

7. FACT: I am NOT a "foodie". Don't get me wrong, I love to go to nice restaurants and experience cuisine there. I mess around with new recipes, but I know some true foodies (Tracy, Jed, Carol) and I am NOT one of you!

8. HABIT: I write in a calendar journal every day, just so I can remember what happened and when. It's a good thing, too, because when I got a parking ticket violation from a city I had never even been to, I xeroxed that page in my journal stating where I was, and it got me off the ticket!

That's it!


melissa said...

see how interesting you are?! thanks for playing along...and no worries on not forwarding the tag. it's not something i've ever done before but it was sort of fun. :) happy quality friday - hope you've had a quality moment (or four!) this week!

Jed and Anne said...

These are fun, mom, I like the last one...I don't think I ever had heard that story before. You are an interesting person!