Sunday, March 09, 2008

Give Me an "M"!

M is for mother/mother-in-law Muriel. Anne sent up this sweater she picked out this past week for her Grandma. What is interesting about this particular sweater? I own one just like it and Anne didn't realize that. So, if you see me in it, you'll know this secret, too!
I is for incredible dessert. Does this Black Forest cake look yummy or what? We shared it with Elder and Muriel, singing quietly (of course) the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to celebrate their increasing years on earth.
N is for our Nuvi 260 navigation system. Never will we take a road trip without our girl, "Gertie." She is amazing and remarkably dependable, but she does say the word, "Recalculating" with a bit of an edgy attitude!
N is for nice, new plasma TV. The family gave this as a gift to their parents for Christmas, but it was finally picked up and set up this weekend. We enjoyed watching their new favorite sports genre, as well as the movie QUEEN featuring Helen Mirren. Bring on the popcorn!!!
E is for Elder. Wes' father stays very active with writing pieces for the PIETISTEN and family history. Here they discuss his latest work.
S is for Starbucks with Samara. How fun it was to go to THE Starbucks where Samara met her future husband, and where Jeff would later propose to her! Following our beverage consumption, we went to the bakery her in-laws own and I was treated to a fantastic donut as well as a personal tour of the family bakery.
O is for outfits. For the day, I became Muriel's personal shopper for new outfits. We spent time in her closet and I made a list of things needed to pull her wardrobe together for Spring. Then, Elder and I went out to power shop in the shortest amount of time possible! It was pretty amazing that all the things worked out...only one item needs to be switched for a smaller size.
T is for table. We went to the Bavarian Gasthaus in Stillwater, Minnesota to celebrate Wes' parents birthdays which are about a month apart. A is for ale. Wes loved his small glass of German beer. You should have seen how large the regular stein was! Put it all together and what does it spell? Minnesota! We've just returned from a very nice weekend there visiting Wes' folks. It's a great place, but not exactly balmy. Fresh snow this morning!


simplicity said...

I love your Minnesota trips! Wish they could be more often!

Thanks for a great Saturday morning visit! Couldn't think of a better way to start the weekend! :)

Kristin Jag said...

Looked like a fun trip! I was also impressed by your Poem- what is that called, alliteration? Anyway, great to see pics of Elder and Muriel too- they look great! The only thing missing that I was hoping for after the 'M', was a picture of both you in Muriel in your matching sweaters. It could have been placed under 'A' for 'Adorable'!

The Lindahl News said...

Kristin, you give me a reason to go back to Minnesota with MY sweater packed so that Muriel and I can be photographed together.

Just like that long ago TV commercial with dishwashing liquid the question could be asked: "Do you know which one is the mother?
You can't tell by looking at her hands!" (Ask your Mom about it if you are too young!) Instead, the question could be asked: "Do you know which one is the mother? You can't tell just by looking at her SWEATER!" Haha.